The Savina Story

My name is Lee, and I'm the founder of Savina.

Let me tell you a little about how we came to be and our mission and drive for all things fashion!

For the past 9 years fashion has been my passion. One year ago my dream came to fruition and we opened the doors to our exclusive clothing shop 'Savina' in the beautiful town of Moraira. 

Here at Savina we help to guide, share and embrace your personal style. Women's confidence is powerful, special and something we are delighted to be able to share with you.  

Our delightful and colourful brands are a flow of Boho Chic with a twist of urban street for your wardrobe.

Various brands get to travel across the ocean from Bali, whilst some are chosen and mainly handpicked from our wide range of suppliers here in Spain making sure you get quality.

We are constantly looking for the next best thing and staying ahead of trends to keep all our customers looking and feeling 100% on point.

Happy shopping! 

Best wishes